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Connecting in Person at Investor Meetings

A prime benefit of being a member of JumpStart NJ is the opportunity to connect with other angel investors. The peer-to-peer networking allows individual investors to leverage the wisdom and experience of other angels to get the best group terms on a deal.

The primary way JumpStart NJ members connect is at our monthly meetings, usually held at the offices of EisnerAmper, one of our sponsors.

There are also gatherings with more of a social bent, like our annual dinner meeting for members only.

JumpStart NJ also has a partnership with Westchester Angels, allowing members of each group to attend meetings hosted by the other group.

After spending 2021, and much of 2020, on Zoom for meetings, members have enjoyed being back in person during 2022. To learn how you can get in on these meetings--by becoming a member of JumpStart NJ--contact Sharon Waters at


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