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About Us

JumpStart NJ invests in the Mid-Atlantic region, and beyond, with about a third of the investments in New Jersey-based ventures. JumpStart NJ members have diverse investment interests and preferences. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: SaaS B2B, HealthTech, AgroTech, Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Shipping/Logistics Tech, Cybersecurity, Consumer Packaged Goods. Members have deep knowledge and experience in many areas; they invest not only their dollars but their expertise in helping young companies grow. Accredited investors interested in joining JumpStart NJ should contact Sharon Waters at

JumpStart NJ was founded in 2002 with the active support of New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) and New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). Since its formation, JumpStart NJ has developed strong relationships with the angel and venture capital communities in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Boston. These relationships, along with ties to the NJEDA, allow JumpStartNJ to take full advantage of resources in the Mid-Atlantic region to help early-stage companies innovate and grow. JumpStart NJ's sponsors and partners share our goal of supporting technology innovation in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Board of Trustees

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In Memoriam

Wayne Tamarelli was Founding Chairman of JumpStart NJ Angel Network. He also served on the board of trustees before he passed away in December 2023. Wayne's impact on JumpStart NJ, and the wider startup community, remains significant.

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