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Become a Member

We are actively seeking members who share our vision, contribute to our network and are interested in selecting, investing in and mentoring early-stage growth companies. A JumpStart NJ member must be an accredited investor* willing to make a minimum of one investment per year. JumpStart NJ meets monthly to hear presentations by startups and to discuss deals. 


All JumpStart NJ members pay annual dues and contribute toward finding quality deals. In addition, members are required to investigate the merits of a deal by meeting with entrepreneurs and conducting due diligence. We invite potential members to attend one of our meetings and speak with current JumpStart NJ members. Prospective members are screened by the membership committee. 


To inquire about membership and how to apply, contact Sharon Waters at

Desert Highway

Member Benefits

  • Quality deal flow

  • No deal transaction fees

  • Insights from experienced angels

  • Networking with area angels and venture capitalists

  • Access to New Jersey state resources

  • Member benefits from the Angel Capital Association

Investment Structure

JumpStart NJ does not invest from a common fund. Nor do JumpStart NJ angels pay a transaction fee for each investment. Instead, each angel decides how much to invest in a particular deal. All invested capital goes directly into the business with no management fees deducted. 

Many JumpStart NJ angels play a vital role in guiding companies through the challenges faced by early-stage ventures. A strong, ongoing connection between the company and JumpStart NJ angels provides the company significant advantages as the company navigates through difficult early-stage challenges.

Most angels like to help the companies that they invest in. The level of involvement varies from one angel to another. Some angels like to get involved in the daily operations of the business. Others prefer to offer occasional advice as a board member.

* Accredited investor under Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation D, Rule 501, is an investor wealthy enough to be exempt from registration requirements. Individuals or married couples must have a net worth of at least $1 million or annual income of at least $200,000 ($300,000 for couples) for each of the two most recent years and a reasonable expectation of the same income in the current year.

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