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Investment Criteria

JumpStart NJ believes that wealth creation starts with a strong relationship between the angel investor and the entrepreneur. All JumpStart NJ angels invest personally in a company. In other words, JumpStart NJ angels do not pool money to invest as a fund. The result is a strong, personal bond between angels and entrepreneurs. The membership has diverse interests and preferences, and each member makes his or her own investment decisions. However, the following criteria can be used as a guide to apply for funding:

  • Early-stage growth technology companies with high potential return for investors.

  • Preference for proprietary or innovative technology that disrupts traditional businesses.

  • Capable and complementary team of at least 2 founders ~ no sole proprietors or lifestyle businesses.

  • Scalability of business model ~ total potential addressable market size > $100M.

  • JumpStart NJ members prefer to invest in companies that are generating revenues and with pre-money valuations typically under $10MM. While less common, in some instances, our members will consider pre-revenue companies.

  • Proof of concept with an articulated sales strategy (i.e., minimum sales traction of $50K - $80K in recurring revenue or at least 2 paying pilot customers.)

  • Articulated funding cycle predictions and exit strategy (within 5-8 years).

  • Our members tend to invest between $25K to $50K individually in a company, although some invest much more, and in some cases more than $500K. Members interested in possibly investing in a company conduct due diligence as a group and will invest independently in a company, but always on the same terms. In some cases, the interested members’ total investment reaches more than $1MM in a company. When appropriate, we also assist companies in which we invest to complete their investment round through introductions to other area angel groups. 

  • Our members invest primarily in technology, and also have experience and invest across all types of industries from HealthTech and Manufacturing to Consumer Packaged Goods and AgroTech.

  • While all of our members invest primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region, some of our members also invest nationwide and internationally. Our goal is that more than one-third of our investments be in New Jersey companies.

Investment Chart

Frequently  Asked Questions


JumpStart NJ regularly holds Meet the Angels events. JumpStart NJ Angels also speak at regional events, meetups and startup conferences. Organizations, such as TechUnited:NJ (and its predecessor New Jersey Technology Council), NJEDA, TechLaunch and others sponsor events where you may meet a JumpStart NJ member.  


Angels have different attitudes on getting involved in your business. Some angels are passive investors while others are mentors. A few angels will even help with the day-to-day management of your business. You need to find the angel that offers the capital and the level of involvement you need.


Applications are screened monthly, and companies are invited to present for funding if there is sufficient interest. You will be invited to make a 10-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A at a monthly JumpStart NJ meeting. Most presentations do not immediately result in funding. However, you will gain valuable input and experience as well as the opportunity to network with our seasoned angels. Chances of success will improve dramatically if you are introduced to JumpStart NJ by a member angel or by one of our partners within the New Jersey ecosystem. 

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