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Angel Investors from around U.S. Gather in Atlantic City

JumpStart NJ was an event partner for the Angel Capital Association's national summit for 2022. The gathering of angel investors from around the country took place in Atlantic City in May, offering a chance to highlight the Garden State's ecosystem supporting startups. The three-day conference features networking and interactive sessions covering hot industries, ecosystem partnerships, and tips for elevating the angel investing experience.

JumpStart NJ members, and friends, who attended the ACA Summit in Atlantic City.

A special feature of the summit is ACA's annual Innovation Funders Showcase. Companies are nominated to present their innovations to the full audience of angel investors at the conference. The Innovation Showcase is by invitation only. JumpStart NJ nominated one of its investment companies, Sunray Scientific, to compete in the showcase, with CEO Madhu Stemmermann presenting on stage. Sunray was one of four winners in the contest.

The Angel Capital Association is the largest angel investor professional development organization in the world, representing more than 15,000 angels who invest individually or through 25+ angel organizations, online platforms, and family offices.


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